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Enaya Services

Enaya Ambassadors

Enaya ambassadors at the hospital to be with you every step of the way

Enaya Doctors

Enaya doctors you can chat with

App and Video talk

Check your symptoms on the app and video talk with a doctor

Home Care

Trusted treatment at the comfort of your home

Chronic Condition

Managing your chronic condition with ease

Elderly Care

Taking care of your old age

Enaya Technology

Slide Enaya Mobile App Insurance services @ a click. Digital card, Google powered provider search, Authorization and claims view in real-time, Direct contact with customer care. Read More Slide Enaya Edge Advanced analytical tool to monitor the health of your policy in full transparency. Review daily irregularities, interactivities, and Enaya’s service levels. Read More Slide Policy Management An online portal customized for clients to fulfill their policy management needs. Endorsement activities (add/delete), premium management and invoices, international coverage certificate, Network updates and more. Read More Slide Providers Maps All our medical providers are up-to-date and conveniently searchable in Google Maps. You may search for a specific provider or explore a specific network through the mobile app or website. Read More Slide Virtual Delegates Benefiting from advanced Augmented Reality technology, the augmented Enaya symbol is a recognizable symbol that can be found in hospitals and medical facilities. Read More Slide Ratings Saudi Enaya is the only insurance company in Saudi Arabia that has a platform for hospital rating where members can explore other members' experience with a facility and view its rating before visiting. Evaluation is based on: Read More

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Chat with Customer Support

Our customer care support team is available to accommodate all your inquiries in both Arabic and English (8:00am to 8:00pm)
Chat with Customer Support

Chat with a Doctor

Our technical support team is available to accommodate all your inquiries in both Arabic and English and provide you with immediate help (8:00am to 8:00pm)
Chat with a Doctor

Latest News

Expanding Enaya’s Corona Hotline and Home Delivery Services

Saudi Enaya, a cooperative health insurance company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), has announced the launch of its Coronavirus Hotline service for the

All functions operating successfully with work from home setup

Given the current situation and the necessity to take preventive measures for Corona virus (Covid-19) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was classified by

Welcoming Int. Medical Center Hospital to the Enaya Family

International Medical Center, aka IMC, has trusted Saudi Enaya to manage all their insurance needs for 2020. This marks a start strategic alignments between Saudi

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