Member Services

Saudi Enaya is glad to serve as your health insurance partner, managing your health care benefits and providing you with services of the highest standard.

Round the clock assistance (24/7)

Our customer service number & email is also located on the back of your medical card .Our professional, multilingual staff is available to provide the best specialized assistance for the following services:

  • Guidance and assistance with hospital
  • Provide information on your benefits
  • Coordination of emergency assistance
  • Answer your queries and questions

Online Authorization

Saudi Enaya’s objective is to provide prompt services to our Members. Our Network Providers will be able to access our system online via the Saudi Enaya Online Portal and perform the following:

  • View Member eligibility
  • View Table of Benefits
  • Send Authorization Request ( Selected Benefits and Services )
  • View Authorization Status
  • Receive Approvals

Hence we ensure that response to your required services are efficiently attended and promptly completed.

SMS Services

Our instant message service will send text messages to your mobile in the following events:


  • When Enaya receives your pre-authorization request from the Provider.
  • When Enaya replies on your authorization request.
  • To provide updated information to you whenever necessary.

Additional information