Product and Expertise

A Range of Choices

All Saudi Enaya products are compliant with the minimum requirements mandated by the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance.

The products available vary in the levels of access to health care providers, room type and benefit limits with the options chosen to be determined by you the customer.

For businesses looking for Group Health Insurance we have flexible options available for business customers knowing that many wish to provide different levels of cover dependant on the employees rank or position within the company.

Expertise in Health Insurance

The management and operations team of Saudi Enaya consists of a number of internationally experienced health insurance specialists.

Our dedicated team uses a range of internationally proven IT systems that manages claims, pre-authorization's and other core functions to support the relevant needs of our customers and members.

Healthcare Providers

The comprehensive CCHI Accredited, Healthcare Provider network developed by Saudi Enaya consists of more than 600 providers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including hospitals, Polyclinics, Diagnostic Centers, Dental Centers, Optical Centers and Pharmacies.

These Healthcare Providers have been chosen based on regulatory compliance, location, services and specialization to best service the needs of Saudi Enaya members.

The classification for each is based on the above criteria and is ranked from 1 to 4 with 1 providing high level services to 4 providing basic medical services.

Our Products

Saudi Enaya offers four different products:

  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Classic

Option for International Coverage

The Saudi Enaya product portfolio includes the options for coverage in;

- Saudi Arabia only,
- Saudi Arabia and Home Country
- Saudi Arabia and Worldwide 2 (excluding Europe, UK, USA & Canada)
- Worldwide 1 (all countries)

The international coverage is based on reimbursement of claims once received by Saudi Enaya and is subject to customary charges, preauthorization rules and standard exclusions.

Hundreds of choices

With the various In-patient benefits as well as options to increase Optical and Dental coverage there are 100's of choices.

Talk to an Enaya representative, Insurance Broker or Agent today to discuss what options best suit you and Ask for a Quotation.


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