Actuary Manager

Job Purpose/Overview:

The role-holder has primary responsibilities related to product development, actuarial analyses, valuations, and duties within an administrative and regulatory capacity, to facilitate the delivery of results, thereby ensuring that the Company operates on complete financial lines and meets its business objectives. Further, the role-holder needs to provide sound advice to the management.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Support product development of various types of health insurance products from an actuarial perspective
  • Development of understandable models/tools to help Underwriters apply rates accurately
  • Actuarial studies and internal reserve valuation
  • Reinsurance and risk management
  • Assessment of product feasibility through profitability testing and various analysis
  • Reporting of critical parameters to Enaya Management
  • Ad-hoc Reports / info graphs for Board Packs / CEO and CFO Presentations  
  • Development of Training Materials together with the Technical Director (for the Underwriters)
  • Maintain a working relationship with an appointed actuary to ensure they have all the information they might require.

Qualification/ Education/Experience:

  • Completed tertiary education focusing on actuarial, mathematics, economics, etc.
  • Fellow of an Actuarial Organization that has an examination-based qualification


  • excellent actuarial intellect with the capability and vision to plan and implement 
  • Skills in pricing and managing insurance products with healthy profit margins and compliant with Enaya standards
  • Strong analytical and administrative capabilities that support successful planning and execution
  • Good commercial acumen
  • Plan critical strategic initiatives for the Company to achieve projected market share, productivity, and penetration levels in the KSA market.
  • Has a sophisticated understanding of the key factors influencing the business, including competitors
  • Develops and communicates a clear view of the desired future state and redefines it as new developments emerge.
  • Actively spot and action key trends, opportunities, and performance levels.
  • Business ethics

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