Compliance Manager

Job Purpose/Overview:

Maintaining the company’s reputation and credibility through fulfilling the requirements of the regulators concerned (compliance, anti-money-laundry, terrorism financing, and interior inspection). 

Maintaining the basic values of Saudi Enaya and setting the confidence and integrity between the company and its customers. In addition, managing and fortifying relationships with the regulators concerned.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Warding off the non-compliance risks.
  2. Managing and preparing the work plans to verify the company’s compliance with all requirements of the regulators concerned for anti-money-laundry laws, terrorism finance, Capital Market Authority, and Ministry of Trade towards the board of directors and shareholders.
  3. Managing and regulating the regular and irregular general assemblies for the shareholders.
  4. Managing and preparing the work plans for the internal inspection processes of the branches, selling points, divisions, and departments to verify their compliance with all laws, instructions, and internal policies and procedures.  
  5. Managing and controlling each of the following divisions: (Compliance and anti-money-laundry, shareholders affairs, governance and disclosure, and internal inspection).
  6. Managing and fortifying relationships and representing the company before regulators concerned : (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Health Insurance Council, Capital Market Authority, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Labor, Capital Market Company, any other authority) Ministry of Interior – Financial Investigation Unit.
  7. Approving the policies and procedures of anti-money-laundry, compliance division, shareholders’ affairs division, governance and disclosure, and internal inspection division.
  8. Submitting the Quarterly and annual reports to the audit committee on the degree of the company’s compliance with laws of all regulators and instructions and the result of inspections.
  9. Providing support, education, and training to staff to build compliance awareness within the organization.

Qualification/ Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Law.
  • To have an experience (+3 years) in Anti-money Laundry, fraud, or compliance in insurance companies or financial institutions.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Certified Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • Knowledge of Country Laws, rules, and regulations
  • Knowledge of SAMA Regulations
  • Banking or Insurance background and experience are preferred


  1. Communication Proficiency.
  2. Personal Credibility/Effectiveness.
  3. Personal Impact through Organizational Awareness
  4. Results Driven.
  5. Teamwork Orientation and Conflict Management


  1. Excellent communication skills, Fluent in both Arabic and English language oral and written, with a strong emphasis on Arabic language skills.
  2. Demonstrated leadership and management abilities
  3. Excellent relationship-building skills with different departments, locations, and employees within SE.
  4. Ability to interface with public and governmental agencies

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