Enaya Services

Enaya Ambassadors

Our Enaya Ambassadors await you at the hospital ground floor to make your healthcare experience easier and less stressful. Our teams are trained to support you in receiving the best care you need, reducing any service delays and providing post-admission services.

Enaya Doctors

Enaya’s doctors care for you and your loved ones from Day One. Our doctors tailor a program of care specific to your health profile and where you stand in your life’s journey. We care for you long before you need a doctor.
From the start of your policy, Enaya’s doctors are with you at all times awaiting to chat with you regarding any medical concerns or advice you are seeking. Simply open a chat window and start talking to a medical doctor who will help you overcome any health concerns. A partner for your journey to wellness. We believe in personalized attention, voice and video calls and/or even personal visits are scheduled for your convenience and comfort.

App & Video Talk

Saudi Enaya’s collaboration with global innovative startups has curated a state-of-the-art ecosystem for you and your family that covers your entire health journey. Multiple applications and interactive channels fit your immediate health challenges. Whether it is a pregnancy, chronic condition, serious diagnoses, diabetes, a stressful period of your life, or simply uncertain symptoms, you have our support and technology to support you. From the ability to chat with a specialist, to checking symptoms on clicks, connecting you to your medication refill and delivery, or scheduling exercises, health tips and videos, and healthy eating advice.

Enaya members are automatically plugged into a global support system so you are armed with excellent expertise to achieve your goals and challenges effectively and with ease.

Access your support ecosystem from your mobile app.

Home Care

Saud Enaya is pioneering new ways to deliver you insurance coverage. Enaya offers various services by its trusted providers at the comfort of your homes to keep you and your loved ones in good care. Our services cover a wide range of needs such as dental, prenatal care, vaccination and others.

Chronic Care

Enjoy a good life while have your chronic disease managed with us. Our doctors have your chronic management plan ready for you including medication delivery and refill. They have built sophisticated active measures to address each chronic condition to avoid escalation of episodes and ensure all preventive measure are at your fingertips.

Elderly Care

Respect for our elderly is a core value of Saudi Enaya and our doctors. We accommodate individuals’ special needs, including home nursing and preventative care. Every one of our members deserves tailored attention to avoid any risks and to resolve any issues, allowing an active and enjoyable lifestyle surrounded by their loved ones.