Enaya Technology

Mobile App

Best in class technology assembled for all your insurance needs: 

Enaya Edge Analyzer

The first Real-time Policy Intelligence (RPI) technology in the Saudi market. The technology provides transparency and awareness of policy progression to clients and promotes client engagement to steer their policy to a healthy outcome. Enaya’s RPI provides insights on multi-dimensions:

Policy Management

An online portal customized for clients to fulfill their policy management needs. Endorsement activities (add/delete), premium management and invoices, international coverage certificate, Network updates and more.

Providers Maps

All our medical providers are up-to-date and conveniently searchable in Google Maps. You may search for a specific provider or explore a specific network through the mobile app or website.

Virtual Delegates

Benefiting from advanced Augmented Reality technology, the augmented Enaya symbol is a recognizable symbol that can be found in hospitals and medical facilities. Locate the symbol and use Enaya’s mobile app to meet our augmented hospital delegate for guidance and support.


Saudi Enaya is the only insurance company in Saudi Arabia that has a platform for hospital rating where members can explore other members’ experience with a facility and view its rating before visiting. Evaluation is based on:

Ensure that you rate the medical facility you visit to enrich the evaluation of those facilities. Look for the evaluation sign and use your camera for the QD bar chart to open the simple evaluation.